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The Latest in Private Money Lending

Recent articles impacting real estate investing for both investors and borrowers, from debt to development and more.

Investor standing by window with a laptop, learning why diversification is important.
For Investors

Why Diversification Is Important to Your Investment Strategy

There are countless choices for every investor to make, from deciding what makes for a compelling investment opportunity to determining what makes a...

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Builders reviewing best practices for using residential construction loans in California at a job site
Residential Real Estate

8 Mistakes to Avoid with Construction Loans in California

Residential construction loans can be rife with mistakes that result in costly delays and budget overruns—in most cases, due to inexperience and...

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Partially built home purchased at a competitive residential construction loan rate
Residential Real Estate

What Factors Impact Residential Construction Loan Rates?

One of the more direct impacts on investment returns is the underlying financing. Residential construction loan rates are variable, so it's essential...

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Investor signing a contract with a hard money lender to secure financing for their residential real estate investment.
Residential Real Estate

Financing Residential Real Estate Investments

The thrill of finding a potential investment property can quickly sour when financing is out of reach. Whether lenders are reluctant to fund due to...

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Partially built home in front of a blue sky purchased using a residential construction loan
For Borrowers

Choosing the Right Residential Construction Loan for You

Before securing financing for your next property, keep in mind that not all construction loans are created equal. Each loan is structured differently...

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