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Financing for Fix-and-Flips

Expertise-driven funding for confident investments

Who We Are

More Than a Lender

Herzer Financial ensures swift access to funds with minimal paperwork, allowing you to seize real estate opportunities quickly and easily. We can help you purchase your:

  • First investment property
  • Small multifamily projects
  • Fixer, distressed, or unlendable property

Count on us for efficient fix-and-flip loans in the fast-paced world of real estate!

About Us
Who We Serve

Real People, Real Funds

We're a proven partner for borrowers with income variability.

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We Work with You.

Flexible credit assessments and customized solutions for borrowers with less-than-perfect credit
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Typically Ineligible?
We Expand Access.

Specialized expertise and alternative documentation for self-employed borrowers
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Poor DTI?
We've Got Solutions.

Business purpose loans customized to align with income-generation strategies
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Income Gaps?
We Bridge Them.

Accommodations for borrowers with varying income patterns, and terms catered to unseasoned financial deposits

How Our Loans Help You

Explore some of the common fix-and-flip projects that we finance.

Loan Process

Fund Your Next Project

Discover the step-by-step guide to our in-house fix-and-flip loan process.

Application and Eligibility Assessment

Submit an application for a purchase and rehab loan. We will assess your eligibility, considering factors like credit history, self-employment status, bank statements, and income patterns.


Streamlined In-House Processing

Unlike traditional banks, we manage the entire loan process in-house, ensuring swift decision-making, approval, and funding. That means less paperwork and less hassle!


Quick Access to Funds

Our years of experience and efficient approach result in quick turnaround times. We know that speed is essential in a fast-paced real estate market. We enable you to seize lucrative opportunities promptly, ensuring you have the necessary resources at your disposal when timing is critical.

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Lending Insights

Learn more about private real estate lending and how it can help you.

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