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Financing for Construction

New construction loans customized for your next project

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Who We Are

More Than a Lender

The Herzer Financial construction lender dates back to the 1950s. Our founder, Fred Herzer, provided financing for some of the earliest developments of the iconic Eichler homes. We are not just a construction lender; we are a legacy of service and expertise. We work closely with specialized teams to ensure your qualifications, budget, and project scope align seamlessly, making your construction goals a reality.

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Real People, Real Funds

We're a proven partner for builders, developers, and homeowners.

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Seize lucrative opportunities and complete projects more efficiently with no stringent credit requirements or lengthy approval processes.
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Access capital quickly, expedite project timelines, and capitalize on profitable ventures with greater flexibility in loan terms and conditions.
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Get faster, more accessible financing options for builds or renovations, and get accommodations for unique credit or challenging project circumstances.
Loan Process

Fund Your Next Project

Discover the step-by-step guide to our in-house construction loan process.

Underwrite and Approve

We evaluate your financial qualifications and the feasibility of the construction project, including budget and plans, to ensure borrower, project, and lender alignment. This initial assessment helps determine loan terms, timelines, and the milestones for draws. Loan approval is based on these factors.


Draw Loan Documents

Working with you, we create, review, and finalize the loan documents that define the terms and conditions of the construction loan. Documents include the promissory note, deed of trust, interest, draw schedule, repayment schedule, and any additional agreements.

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Fund the Loan

Funds will be disbursed to you in stages as construction progresses. This staged approach ensures that funds are used for their intended purpose and maintain alignment with project milestones. It also enables timely progress monitoring, budget adherence, and efficient project management.


Site Inspections

Regular visits are made to the construction site to ensure accurate project timelines and budgets. These inspections are crucial risk management and quality assurance measures that mitigate potential issues and maintain project integrity.


Disburse Construction Draws

As construction milestones are achieved, loan disbursements are made in accordance with the predetermined schedule. These draws cover project expenses and encourage steady progress, promoting a smooth construction process.

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