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Invest in Private Money Loans

Since 1950, Herzer Financial has been lending in California, funding over $1 billion in real estate projects throughout the state.

Fixed Income Secured by Real Estate

Private money loans provide fixed income, which is secured by real estate assets, allowing for portfolio diversification and enhanced risk adjusted rates of return. We provide investment opportunities to high net worth investors, family offices, and other interested parties.

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Risk-averse banks concede great opportunities to investors in private-money real estate lending. Herzer Financial Services yields solid returns over time by selectively lending to otherwise qualified borrowers with requests that are outside most bank's narrow credit box.

Herzer Financial specializes in construction, rehabilitation, and fix-and-flip opportunities in California. Underwriting guidelines are conservative, with most loans not exceeding 65% of the after-improved value of the property and only lending to borrowers with strong credit profiles. All of our loans are secured by the property being improved. 

Investor Request

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Mortgage funds rely on investor capital to provide loans that are secured by real estate. Make sure you understand the underwriting principles for the fund prior to investing. See an example of how mortgage funds work and can add diversification to an investor’s portfolio.